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We have teamed up with Jesus Metal, Divine Metal Distro, Metal Blessing Radio, EEE Recordings & Sullen Records to put together a new online forum!

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OPEN GRAVE RECORDS is pleased to be partnering with SewerSound Records for the signing of REHUMANIZE.

REHUMANIZE was born in May of 2007 as a project of Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery, and Baphomet Evisceration on guitar & bass, and Phil Diez of Sorrowstorm, Encryptor, and Northern Ash on vocals & drums as a tool to take The Gospel into a scene full of depravity. REHUMANIZE brings back the sounds of old school grindcore like few are doing today, think early Napalm Death, Carcass and Brutal Truth amongst others. With two split albums already under their belt, REHUMANIZE is currently putting the final touches on their debut full length album, “Resident Apostasy” with a plan to release in early 2009.

Check out REHUMANIZE on myspace:

AMASEFFER Films Two New Videos

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Isreal’s “holy project” AMASEFFER has issued the following update:

“We are happy to announce the shooting/editing of two documented video clips for two songs taken from our debut album, ‘Exodus – Slaves for Life’. The chosen ones are: ‘Slaves For Life’ and ‘The Burning Bush’. Both videos will be directed by Israeli Tal Engelstein (founder and singer of heavy rock band 195DB). Clips will have two versions: edited short version and full length as they appear in the album. It is not yet decided if we will release them both simultaneously or separately. An announcement regarding that will be posted by our record label, InsideOut Music/SPV, once the videos are done, hopefully in a month or so.”

“Exodus – Slaves for Life” is the first in a trilogy about the history of the people of Israel as portrayed in the Old Testament.

Hanan Avramovich (guitars), Yuval Kramer (guitars) and Erez Yohanan (drums) offer a unique mixture of progressive metal and epic Middle East-influenced orchestral film score parts played by a full symphony orchestra. All lead vocals were sung by Levén.

The album was recorded and mixed by Markus Teske (VANDEN PLAS, ABYDOS) and the artwork was created by Mattias Norén (EVERGREY, KAMELOT, EPICA).

“Exodus – Slaves for Life” was released on June 6 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland; June 9 in the rest of Europe; and June 24 in North America.

The title track, “Slaves for Life”, is available for streaming on the band’s official web site. According to the group, “this is the opening track from our first part of a trilogy recounting the Bible story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt. On the first album of the trilogy we pick up the story right from the slavery period in Egypt when the new Pharaoh enslaves and oppresses the Israelites with forced labour. This is what we tried to emphasize on this song, the cruelty and ruthless power of the cold hearted Pharaoh and on the other hand the Israeli slaves desperate cry for deliverance!”

SEVENTH ANGEL: Footage From Norway’s NORDIC FEST Available

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Video footage of the reformed British metal band SEVENTH ANGEL performing the song “Forbidden Desires” at the Nordic Fest 2008, which was held November 14-16 at Sub Scene in Oslo, Norway, can be viewed below.

SEVENTH ANGEL is currently working on a new, as-yet-untitled studio album for a 2009 release. The band’s first recording in 17 years, “The Turning Tide”, was recorded at bassist Mark Broomhead‘s house and was produced and mixed by Mark and guitarist Simon Bibby. It was mastered by Jeff Mortimer at JM Mastering. Check it out at this location.

SEVENTH ANGEL‘s current lineup is a mixture of the early and final lineup of the band before it split in 1992:

Simon Bibby (FIRE FLY, EXORIA, AMARANTH) – Guitar
Mark Broomhead (FIRE FLY, EXORIA, DETRITUS) – Bass

Each member of SEVENTH ANGEL has been on his own musical and spiritual journey since the split, and the reformation has produced a band of increased depth and maturity, with all the musical intensity that made SEVENTH ANGEL such an international success.

Before its split, SEVENTH ANGEL produced two highly acclaimed internationally released studio albums and continued interest in the band prompted the release of early demos and live recordings in 2005. Throughout its career, SEVENTH ANGEL was the focus of much media attention within the music press and beyond, having appeared on the BBC, Channel 4 and featured in the Daily Telegraph.

For more information, visit

THE AWAKENING, awake again

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South Africa based THE AWAKENING have announced that after a three year hiatus that in 2009 they will release not one, but two new albums of material. No further information about these releases is available at this time.

THE AWAKENING also plan to launch a new website on January 2nd 2009 at

In other news ASHTON NYTE, founder of THE AWAKENING will be performing his first South Africa shows since 2007. He will be performing a selection of songs, including work from THE AWAKENING, selected solo releases, unreleased material and launching the new album “The Valley“! ASHTON will be joined on stage by long time friend and collaborator Matthew Fink.

Date are as follows:

Sat 29 Nov 2008 – The Bohemian (5 Park Rd, Richmond, Johannesburg, SA) with The Black Hotels.
Wed 3 Dec 2008 – Durbanville Kunskafee (1 Scher St, Durbanville, Cape Town, SA)
Thurs 4 Dec 2008 – Decodance at The Old Biscuit Mill (375 Albert St, Salt River, Cape Town, SA)
Fri 12 Dec 2008 – Cafe Barcelona (Elardus Park Centre, Barnard St, Elardus Park, Pretoria, SA)

THE FAMINE Frontman Opens Up About His Faith In New Audio Interview

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Kris McCaddon, lead singer and co-founder of the Dallas, Texas-based death metal band THE FAMINE, is featured on I Testify Online in an audio broadcast interview with Ivan Parrish. Listen to the chat at this location (Windows Media).

In the interview, Kris talks about his past with other bands such as EMBODIMENT and DEMON HUNTER. He reveals how he teamed up with ex-bandmates Andrew Godwin and Mark Garza from EMBODIMENT to form THE FAMINE. Kris McCaddon also opens up about his faith in Jesus Christ and explains why he and his bandmates made the decision not to make THE FAMINE a Christian-themes act.

THE FAMINE released its full-length debut, “The Raven and the Reaping”, in May 2008 via Solid State Records. The CD was recorded with Andreas Magnusson (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, AGONY SCENE) and is described as “an album of urgent metal with plenty of chunky riffs; the music is at once blustery yet totally memorable.

“Our roots are in death metal and grindcore,” McCaddon says. “But there is also this element about being from the South, like PANTERA, that translates. We have that Southern guitar metal sound. You can pick up on the Southern vibe. The songs are a little more structured, and we had never done that in the past. It’s not an album just of riffs; we focused on structure and choruses and keeping things efficient. . . If SUFFOCATION was covering PANTERA songs, that’s how THE FAMINE sounds.”


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